Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Support Night Slot - 'The Notional Health Service'

I have the luck of a 10 minute support slot at Wicked Words on Wednesday 7 December @ Seven in Chapel Allerton in Leeds supporting Matt Harvey , the night is 8.30 till 11pm I think.

I also think that from 7pm (free) the Leeds Writers' Circle presents Shades of Leeds - a selection of poetry and prose extracts from their new anthology.


I am working up a short set provisionally entitled 'The Notional Health Service' touching on disability, the meaning of Health in Mind, Body Spirit and Society. Should be a laugh a minute! So that is 10 laughs.....well maybe 1 or 2!

Hope you can all make it; "Do I worry, you can bet your life I do."
For you reggae fans, look this up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsonQSbrFgE

Seven is based on Harrogate Road near the centre of Chapel Allerton. Find us just below Casa Mia Grande.  It's opposite the Library and 30 yards down the road towards Leeds City Centre.

Stand-Up Poet - Matt Harvey | Seven Arts - Wednesday 7 December

Stand-Up Poet - Matt Harvey Wednesday 07/12/2011 8.30pm Tickets : £6 /4 conc Doors 8pm

December's Wicked Words Showcase is Matt Harvey, writer, poet,and enemy of all thats difficult and upsetting. Matt’s way with words has taken him from Totnes to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships via Saturday Live, the Edinburgh Festival and the Work section of the Guardian.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Take one more step out of your comfort zone; listen up and take that step with pride

The sound of tau

What happens when engineers have dogs.

I too fetch the ball back to often!
Gaining a joy and purpose
That far out-strips the meaning of the act
I load, wait for the stretching of the elastic and its release
and run back tail wagging
Again and again to reload.
An automoton by my own self circulating patters,
Not really a breathing living thing any-more
Is it me, or does this machine run too often for you too?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Once upon a time – sweet dreams were made of this

Once upon a time – sweet dreams were made of this

Once upon a time
In a land cuddled up on my mother’s breast, milk full,
I slept, carried by three small laughing nymphs
Triumphant that my fairy-self
Winged and free
Was caught and bound with rose petals
And maternal love

Tired now, body battered and time travailed
A scent I could not perceive
Dropped me softly back into those wordless smiles
Blew the seasons leaves from off the baby sleeping in the deep deep wood
And twined with happiness and trust
I flew to the rhythm beat of her heart,
Known from the womb-times
And heard still,
Distantly through unspoken memories
Before words formed, and stole my wordless dreams away.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Here's the challenge

Here's the challenge: when opinions differ about things that feel like they really matter (because they effect our lives & the lives of our children) can we keep our hearts open to each other? How we are with each other when we do not agree is where the spiritual rubber hits the road (so to speak! :-) Can I listen, really listen & bring a genuine curiosity to why the other reacts or thinks or feels differently than I do? Can I speak in away that helps the other hear- without hyperbole or derision, with deep respect for them as another human being?

It's about having the courage to participate where we can & are called (which maybe on the street with others, in solitary prayer, &/or in conversation & meditation with others) without putting anyone out of our hearts, without forgetting that there is no "them" and "us"- it's all just us, muddling along, trying to figure it out, sometimes behaving badly (usually out of fear) and sometimes shining so brightly it takes my breath away.

It's about expanding our ability to be the peace- feel it, feed it, embody it within- wherever we are.

Internet Confusion and Response

The great Tomas Transtroemer has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his poetry http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-15200547

So instantly this came up in response.

On confusion over Tomas Transtroemer's Nobel award; is he dead?

So many are dead already
Unable to use words with any deep meaning or skill.
The sun standing above the autumn winds
Calls the words forward
But they are stuck in the marshes
Unheard, quagmired in fettered imagination.
Double Yay and WTF?!
Ring out from the central reservation
Of the sanitised and armcoed dual-carriageway road into winter.
Hopefully I wait for the new moon.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mr Ed, is he a talking horse with no sense; Poem on disability follows

Just seen Mr Ed's [Miliband] apology of an answer to a person with a disability's question; and this came to me

An Assertive Poem on Disability 
(Note, everyday I meet people who are kind and generous;
This is to all the others, to the powerful, who should know better, but don't!)

I have lost my ability to comply
With the keep-fit fascist medical approach to disability.
It's as if I have broken the unwritten rule,
Now the smoke screen of 'being seen to be brave' has blown away,
And have had to even change my doctor on account of this ignorance.
I refuse to be a victim as my
Human Rights evaporated in the 'healthy' ones gaze of ignorance.

My invisible hidden disability has cast me into the role of lazy,
Non-trying, undeserving, politically untouchable.
Yet everyday is a challenge that I have to overcome,
With a strength and determination unrecognised un-comprehended.
It's unseen to the everyday eye,
Invisible to those who place themselves in the hanging judge's wig, and gown and raised prejudice.

There are so many who instantly decide my fitness for any Rights,
And by their mere fitness and human blindness
They unknowingly, smugly, emotionally, vindictively mentally condemn.
They are the sick who need their illness curing.
They are the ones who's humanity has festered.
They are the oppressors who can not see
That they are actively, righteously, placing 'us' all
In the shadow of their broken, un-healing souls.

Write to Mr Ed

Thursday, 28 July 2011

~ Walt Whitman -

Thanks to Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Today, the body-self just said "no!" & there was no getting around it- the constant motion of recent days caught up with me. I laid down during my morning practise & did my prayers & meditation looking at the ceiling & it's been pretty much a horizontal day since then- reading, napping, remembering favourite poetry like this one by Whitman. 
Felt a little like a day spent underwater, watching the light refracting through the waves, resting, waiting to resurface.

and I replied
Yup, M.E. - recognise your description immediately! Love Life when you can, don't need to do to do that....

And she quoted

"This is what you shall do;
Love the earth and sun and the animals,
despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks,
stand up for the stupid and crazy,
devote your income and labour to others,
hate tyrants, argue not concerning God,
have patience and indulgence toward the people,
take off your hat to nothing known or unknown
or to any man or number of men,
go freely with powerful uneducated persons
and with the young and with the mothers of families,
read these leaves in the open air every season of every year of your life, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book,
dismiss whatever insults your own soul,
and your very flesh shall be a great poem
and have the richest fluency not only in its words
but in the silent lines of its lips and face
and between the lashes of your eyes and in every
motion and joint of your body." ~ Walt Whitman

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wicked Words- open mike night @Seven

This came in response to an email reminder to register for a spot at this special Poetry open mike event @Seven; and thank you to the organisers.
Not sure where it came from, not my style I thought, but I seem to be surprising myself at this time!

Wicked Words- open mike night @Seven

Wicked Words
Put me down for Wicked Words
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Opening my mouth to express my world
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Plucked from the conscience and forged in the mind
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Open mike experience of the wordy kind
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Live words for the audience to share at Seven 
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Starts at 8 but guaranteed over by 11!
Wicked Words Wicked Words
All different performances and styles so various
Wicked Words Wicked Words
So many ideas from rude, to comfortable, to ego precarious 
Wicked Words Wicked Words
A celebration of Poets gathered together to perform
Wicked Words Wicked Words
To share emotion, intellect and dreams on the studio floor 
Wicked Words Wicked Words
Listen in to their woven lines with a drink in your hand
Wicked Words Wicked Words
A crucible of word-smithery, forged at the mike stand.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another writing challenge - Sisterhood

A friend on Facebook suggested a writing challenge whilst I was away, and a good few of her friends have taken this up. It was such an interesting exercise in writing and looking at my own perception of women and sisterhood, that I had to give it a go, so in 24 hours, here is the poem what I wrote; thank you Pam and Bobbi. The Theme is Sisterhood.

Not so sure I like it yet, but it goes some way into a subject that perhaps on my own, I would not have ventured! Hope it works.......

Sisterhood: from a man’s perspective

They argue over things I sometimes see as unimportant
They talk about things I often cannot see
They share knowledge over things I am often not party too,
But they are deeply important to me.

They share things that are important to them
They care about things that are important to them
They go to the core of things that are important to them
When together, their world is greater than mine.

When together they can move each other to tears and laughter
When together they can act with deep strength and conviction
When together they can act for the good of the community
They make me so proud to be human.

When at odds with me they drive home my failings
When at odds with me they cut away my logic
When at odds with each other disharmony shakes
Like deep earthquakes, the ground under our feet rives.

Sisterhood grows with the dawning of soul light
Sisterhood is hewn from the rock of generations of suffering
Sisterhood blossoms when women are given their rights
And I welcome their strength to sharpen and guide mine.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Poem written quickly to a theme; and a surprise visit from my father.

I am so pleased to have been asked onto East Leeds FM community radio to be part of the 13 hour readathon of Paul Auster’s ‘True Tales of American Life’, a large collection of stories from the people of the USA, and to have been invited on the afternoon before to present a poem live on air as part of the Writing on Air Festival

Thank you all for this opportunity to share in a local radio broadcast event.

Written for the Writing on Air festival from Monday 13th to Friday 17th 2011 at East Leeds FM; At the Chapel, on the theme of churches.

Of pulpits and pews
Memories of being in a church

My memories of being in a church,
Of looking up at pulpits and wondering
About the reason for sermons, religion and prayers.
They all come from the child-times with my father,
Who used to take me with him
On his pursuit of churches across England,
To see Old Saxon towers, Norman arches, gothic windows, flint walls,
And I would look for the gargoyles.
And over time I learnt to savour the smell
Of incense, polished oak and stone floors.
Of damp plaster and peeling paint.
Of rainy days,
When no pub would let children in.

His passion for church architecture perhaps was strange,
But recalling him now,
It brings back memories of his war,
A mobilisation that took him away from his immediate dreams and passions,
To the fighting in the Bocage Countryside
Just after D Day in the 2nd World War,
As he and his company fought towards Caen
And the liberation of France in ‘Operation Overlord’.
And from this stems his dislike for any strong smelling French cheeses,
Which reminded him of those war days,
Living, sleeping and fighting in deep sunken lanes and high-hedged small fields
Seeded haphazardly with the dead and decomposing bodies of cows and horses,
Of fellow and enemy soldiers,
The air reeking of their death
And casting forward though time
His vivid dislike for that smell,
And the avoidance of the disconnected memories
Of death of friend and foe
And the loss of innocent-nature and humanity
In those patchwork fear-ridden fighting fields.

And the story he told me of the time
When his commanding officer called him over.
The angry voice and bearing of the man showing clearly
That John was in for a bollocking from his superior,
That he was ‘in for it’ for some serious misdemeanour,
Something he’d got wrong,
Or order or action funked.
From his position at the signal-truck
He quickly rushed at the double,
Child-like and scared,
(I imagine with gut dropping and slack bowel apprehension)
He ran to the commander’s control vehicle and saluted.
And then, at that moment,
Before the judgement fell,
A heavy mortar came over,
Both the men dived for cover together, united
And the lorry John had just been in was hit and destroyed
Showing how transitory the concern about fear of authority really is,
How something so important,
Emotion cracking at one instant
Can transpose and become
Your guardian angel, your life-saver,
And it is all forgotten in the relief of still living,
Of breathing, and smiling.
‘Saved your life their Captain; what!
The parables of my father’s war,
Spoken so rarely in his life to me.
The horrors he saw he never really shared with others,
And the gap it left between him and me
Stand in the silence of the nave,
Around the tombs and in the humble choir and stalls
And maybe that is why I was always a little scared of churches as a child.

And so the church pulpits stand in my mind
As they stood in those churches of my childhood,
And in the churches of the villages in the Bocage,
Whose towers peered over the high-hedges
And deep narrow lanes of my Father’s baptism of war.
Those pulpits stand,
Preached from for hundreds of years
By priest, vicar and bishop,
Which together with the pews,
That we the people sit in,
Make up the body of these churches,
These communities bound together
By faith and authority.
These pulpits and pews stand,
Setting the cast of hierarchy
Casting reflections of this into our future,
Reflecting how our communities still stand today.
Can we step up into the pulpits elevated position,
To stand there ourselves and take a view, a stance?
Not to judge or become superior.
Can we allow ourselves to share a collective view,
An over-view of the generations
That stand divided by deep time-lines
And the impenetrable high-hedges of history?
And as we stand here in this chapel,
With the pulpit and pews divided but sharing this space
Where we wonder and hope for its future and growth,
I wonder if the youth of today
Will become aware of these stories of lives gone before,
Will see in this place the promise of a future
That can be grown from a shared vision.
Can drop the ranker of personal quarrels and competitive striving
And become still, just for a minute,
And descend into an inner place of peace and sharing.
And standing together, fulfil dreams that the future beckons.
Uniting the speakers and the listeners,
Uniting the memories that we all can carry forward
Into a community far greater
Than single personal recollections or dreams,
Celebrating a sense of future and past transforming.
Breathing in a soft beckoning night-time’s healing scent
Transforming the air and space here-in;
Into a safe creative space
And a shared welcome.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The certainty of life is not Death and Taxes

A bit deep this, but as one becomes more aware of the bottomless nature of desire and the lure of amusement and self picturing oneself into imagined situations or associated desires, of the fear of not doing and its tangible affect upon ones emotions and self image, then life is not all about death and taxes........it is about life, celebration and love...

And the opposites in life, that provide us with out ups and downs, or right and wrongs, define edges and ranges between, are everywhere true but not the whole picture, and like Junior Murvin's Police and Thieves (see video below), show that in this physical state we live in, opposites are needed, reflect what is out-there, but do not touch the reality on another level, that opposites together become one, without each other, they could not exist.

The certainty of life is not Death and Taxes

Two certainties in life,
Death and Society.
Taxing our bodies with their bills and invoices
Painting the pictures of self and other indelibly by
Filling the forming patterns and patting down the casting sand’s impression.

Two certainties in life,
Ying and yang.
That both sides only exist in opposition
And in this physical trap and with Time’s unravelling they
Hold up our conscious world to what primitive focus we can have.

Two certainties in life,
Me and you.
Oneself and the other really united not separate
Provoking the boundaries of our worlds with this riddle’s unravelling
Perceived with the gaps that lie between speech, thought and words.

Two certainties of life,
Flow and stillness.
Like water in a river’s stopper-wave or ripple
Forever a moving current with the illusion of non-movement to go
Beyond cognition and provoking our awareness of self and being.

The rub for me,
The difference between
Visioning and demanding.
Allowing something special-different to happen in my life
Which is at the same time everyday ordinary; experienced in the full-present and un-demanded.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Poetical Thought

Could poetry turn the words of hate
into nothing more than worthless flakes
of wind blown barren seeds?

Mindfullness; a breath away

Here are two poems to go, on the road to somewhere, a road the verbal mind can not co-join me on. We are soo often mislead by the ‘helpful’ and attention-seeking overactive internal stream of verbal comment.

Born from a need to be recognised and the belief in its own uniqueness, the verbal mind continues to try and please, like a servile dog; only too often placed as the top dog in our psyche, and, un-like the wizard of Oz, well hidden behind its shadowy curtain.

Mediation will always improve how you do things, will always improve a situation, will reward you, not in things, not in conquests, but in openness. Lies give people power over one another, so Politicians by their very nature will lead through lies. They seek that power. And like them, internally, we have given, taken and swallowed many lies to ourselves.

Dropping the way and game of words, we can start to see those lies, feel them out, and turn to an understanding of where words should stand in our lives, and create more space for actions, and non-action and inner worth, the quiet giants in us all, that are the real elephants in our internal worlds. Turn to them and welcome their wisdom in.


Are you a mind half-empty
Or a mind half-full
Type of person?
The breath-in confirms life
The breath-out,
The expiring breath,
Fore-echo’s our final terminal passing,
A time on our own that we all
Will share.
And watching the out-breath,
Inspired by breathing
Awareness and awe
Conjure up relaxation,
Which flows through the body,
But can disappear
If I follow the mind flick
From this to that thought,
And engage with this talk.

Watching the chests rise and fall,
Relaxation deepens
And travels down
To where my feet sense the ground
And the history and pull of the earth below.
If we recognise the gentle love
That flows on the breath
Then our hearts can fly,
And our thoughts be stilled,
And we can become a mind
More empty than full.

Ink Well Meditation

Stream babble of thought,
Backwash of sounds
Spoken in a Language that no longer means anything to me.
Passing chatter of a crowd
Coming through and past me
Like shoppers through a store.
Whispers of Boredom
And tuneless La La la-ing
Letting me know
That I am thinking
But it is as permanent as clothes on a clothesline
Blown by the untamed winds
Coming from all life’s quarters.
Can I recognise; an Angel’s kiss
Placed on my eyes?
A light from another’s Spirit?
Giving me a Timeless moment
So easily Squandered.
A white feather from a Soul messenger
Wishing a Friend good-luck on their Journey.
A hug of Love and reassurance,
A breath of gentleness,
A Heart-full moment,
Deep breathed and Immortal
Grounded thought our Earth’s shared orbit.
Stream babble of thoughts
Welcomed as a sign;
The end of Winter’s frozen healing
And the start of a river’s new Journey.
This breath I feel now,
This out-breath I feel right now
Will it be the same feeling, same experience,
As the one that will,
Along with all of you
All humankind,
A shared moment felt on ones own,
Will it be the same last welcomed breath
That will not be followed by another in-spiration?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fuk U Shima Nuclear Plant Disaster - Re-critical....really it's critical

the Tokyo Electric Power Company has warned: "The possibility of re-criticality is not zero"? This means the company says that there is enough fissile uranium, in enough density, to form a critical mass in the cooling pond - meaning that a nuclear fission reaction could start in the building, .........outside the containment shield that surrounds the actual reactor.'

Surprise 'critical' warning raises nuclear fears

I don't like this at all.....this may be the biggest single nuclear contamination incident ever, if the camp-fire of fusion rods, now lit in a concrete open pit beneath an open sky, do melt down and burst into flame........its going to project itself into the atmosphere.......... and the plume will contain actual particles of uranium and plutonium..... Planet go heal thy self?

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fluoride; They didn't and don't tell anyone so

'When fluoride is used as an additive for health reasons, it becomes a medicine. As a medicine it requires an informed consent from the individual receiving it. The individual needs to be told what the treatment is for and how it will be conducted. Risks and benefits must be explained. The patient should be told if there are alternative treatments.'

The head of the British Dental Association (see video clip below) can not keep his cool over the issue of mercury based fillings, so what can we expect when we confront him with the unethical and poisonous life time exposure use of highly toxic fluoride in Public Drinking Water, at huge financial cost to the National Health Service; that is you and I!?

And as for letting UK public know about this, whom in the Dental Association, Health Service or Government is responsible for not letting parents KNOW?

"Infant formulas reconstituted with higher fluoride water can provide 100 to 200 times more fluoride than breastmilk, or cows milk." - Levy SM, Guha-Chowdhury N. (1999). Total fluoride intake and implications for dietary fluoride supplementation. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 59: 211-23.

Fluoride Exposure During Infancy:

In contrast to recommendations adopted in the 1950s, fluoride supplementation is no longer recommended for newborn children. This includes both fluoride in drops, and fluoride in drinking water.

Not only is fluoride ingestion during infancy unnecessary, it can also be harmful - as suggested by a mounting body of evidence linking fluoride exposure during the first year of life with the development of dental fluorosis. (For pictures of dental fluorosis, click here)

Because of the risk for dental fluorosis, and the lack of demonstrable benefit from ingesting fluoride before teeth erupt, the American Dental Association - and a growing number of dental researchers - recommend that children under 12 months of age should not consume fluoridated water while babies under 6 months of age should not receive any fluoride drops or pills.

Fluoridated drinking water contains up to 200 times more fluoride than breast milk (1000 ppb in fluoridated tap water vs 5-10 ppb in breast milk). As a result, babies consuming formula made with fluoridated tap water are exposed to much higher levels of fluoride than a breast-fed infant. (A baby drinking fluoridated formula receives the highest dosage of fluoride among all age groups in the population (0.1-0.2+ mg/kg/day), whereas a breast-fed infant receives the lowest).

Dental fluorosis is not the only risk from early-life exposure to fluoride. A recent review in The Lancet describes fluoride as "an emerging neurotoxic substance" that may damage the developing brain. The National Research Council has identified fluoride as an "endocrine disrupter" that may impair thyroid function, while recent research from Harvard University has found a possible connection between fluoride and bone cancer.

Nuff said, well watch Head of responsibility and think, whom is doing what to whom right now?

You Must Have Vision

From Elaine Speakman
You Must Have Vision
How can you hope to discover the new without the spirit of adventure, without being willing to step fearlessly into the unknown? Where is that pioneering spirit? How can you expect to pioneer something without taking risks, without great strength and courage as well as rock-like faith and belief in what you are doing? You must have vision. No matter how fantastic or seemingly unreal and unattainable that vision may be in the eyes of human beings, you must have it if you are to step into the new and achieve the seemingly impossible.
11 March 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Regeneration, Economic benefit, and lies.

So often we hear that new industrial units are the way forward for economically depressed areas, especially those on new land next to the by-pass roads and motorways, which together will bring life back to these hard hit communities.

I am fed up with these lies, which not only cheat the local people, allow land speculators to make big amounts of money, put up short term and cheap and unsustainable buildings, they also ruin the last vestiges of any unspoilt area in a community, taking out the last environmental bio-diversity and pleasant views and areas of green.

So carrying on with the theme of 3 debts, here is what the smoke and mirrors of inward investment in new roads and new industrial units takes us.

Nothing but a waste of the money, monies that should have been used to support local businesses and make the high streets the centre of a new economy, with local opportunity for all to make a living, and even prosper, rather than the better off and better connected laying claim to land speculation, and the building companies trousered all the money for highways, which clearly was a waste of investment, not as it was sold to the people as; the way to a new wealthy and an inclusive economy.

View over an East Lancashire valley
Sheds on the by-pass
Wanking over the politicians’ promise
And road builders’ wet false dreams
Of inward investment; that never came
Spurning the high streets
That were full of shops
Sheds on the by-pass
Gutting the businesses that once had got by
And leaving the old town centre to crumble,
The foot fall to die away
And the closed-down and shops-to-let signs
Sprout like spring bulbs,
Only they will never now turn into flowers.
Sheds on the by-pass;
The mono-crop now failing
Cheap warehousing
light business premises
Thrown up in a rush for rental value
Close to the by-pass and the motorways
The sheds on the By-pass,
Sold as the key to green-shoots signs of recovery
Are half empty, and themselves wilting
Marked by the seal of a motorway lead recovery
That would never come,
Except to the road builders and landowners,
The sheds on the By-pass,
Planted by the thoughtless chase for land price profit making
Sit there morbidly, empty eyed
Cast under the same spell
Of the dying town centre
And terrace empty housing clearance
The Sheds on the by-pass
Cast their economic false shadows
Across the flat lands of the valleys
And the landscape of the hearts of the people.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Welcome Happiness

Today something special happen, at the same time it is quite ordinary.
Later My friend Eileen had this quote on her Facebook page

e.e. cummings wrote:
I thank you God for most this amazing day
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and the blue dream of sky
and for everything which is natural
which is infinite
which is yes

Poetry is the bed rock from which all words flow.

As usual in life in the early 21st century, we are always walking in the shadows of giants, and perhaps if lucky walking with them too. The build up of human knowledge is the shoulders on which we stand, too often though this knowledge is all messed up by the powerful, and they always overlook the wisdom that in these times they really should be using as the bed rock of their decision making.

Well it seems the powerful and righteous rich will never stand on the shoulders of the great wisdoms that came before, and will add nothing to the progress of humanity.

In this case, we have to take the steps that are called for, and learn to allow wisdom that is out there to come to us, and try and help this across the void of newspeak consumer lead language, to go to the heart of individual's and the heart of the matters we face.

A personal step:- you too can take a step where you are too.

Welcoming happiness in.
Something uncommon has happened this morning,
Without warning,
Happiness descended upon my consciousness.This stranger,
Brought a smile to my lips and relaxation to my soul.
Like a puff of a breeze on a hot simmering ball breaking day,
The wafted scent of fine raindrops on summer hot pavement slabs,
Caught on my in-breath.
Delicate, ready to fall away,
Stopped me momentarily in my thoughts and dressing routine.
And this time,
I paused.
I recognised the feeling and welcomed in this delicate healing spirit.
And the sylph has stayed a while,
Popping up throughout the day,
Glistening cobwebs dew drops shining a winking smile
When the sun catches them just so.
Reminding me.
That happiness can hang by a spun thin thread
Beyond my making;
But is quick to come in when recognised at the door,
And welcomed.