Sunday, 26 December 2010

White frost

Drove from Leeds to Scarborough today,
and the hedges and trees along the route were white frosted lace,
a harsh frost covered all, hanging from the branches and the leaves,
a wondrous site, something I have never seen before,
in trees reaching up 100 feet or more,
sometimes white emerging from freezing fog,
at other times the sky a winter blue,
and along the hedges roes a white covering,
frosted edges reaching across white fields,
white on white emerging from white.

Temperature on the car thermometer was -5 to -7. Check out this weather page;

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Un-sustainable weather patterns?

Is the cold spell and snow caused by the weakening of the gulf stream due to the melting of ice caps and the change in the salt content of the ocean water that drives the gulf stream-, it could also be the change and unpredictability of the jet stream; major cause of the flooding and heat waves we have had over Europe in the last few years, and El Nino this year is the strongest ever recorded in the Pacific ocean, the driver of air patterns across the globe, and our jet stream over the UK!?