Friday, 31 January 2014

Fifty-two: a poem a week - Three poems to build on for 2014

I have entered into the spirit of the New Year with looking to expand my work, do more poetry gigs, and get something published.

I have produced 5 poems so far in response to this wonderful internet page.

Here are 3 of my first drafts attempts - Three poems to build on for 2014

#1 how to approach a year?
Look around the hotel room.
Inspection reveals more about yourself than the objects, they say.

The view from the window is advertised as restricted,
they all are.

The purpose of the room?
You can think deep about this but need not to, I assure you.

If facing a year in this room
you need to get out more, and worry less about the fixtures or fitting in.

The room ain’t going to move anywhere,
but you can, in so many ways.
In your imagination you can remodel what you like,
those sheets need a clean.
New sheets!

A hotel room is not permanent,
it is you that chooses to make it so.


Jonathan Eyre              1/1/2014

#2 Travelling the Park
Meanwood Park
                                                    Def  Meanwood = a common wood on the edge of settlement

Always there is 
the single lone crow, 
apart from the others,
across this other side of me,
looking around, seeming surprised of my company
cocking its head from side to side
pacing the grass, scanning the ground 
and looking across towards the trees, 
through towards the evergreens
just checking that all is in its place,
that all is clear
and then another drowning morsel to pull,
to ease with sharp icy beak from this soaking water-logged land.
The wind
fluttering the feathers,
you could never tell from that 
that it was so cold,
so much a January day
so much of the sky supported by the Yew trees,
one hunkered down, 
the height of a couple of men, broken.
Two others, lithe, 
sucking the water clear from the sodden ground
leaving a rare dry area to walk across
to get back to the wall gate
from whence I came a walking.

Jonathan Eyre                                            January 2014

 #4 Invitation
(on hearing that HSBC and its China money is restricting credit again 27/1/14)

So come to my cash point,
and push your debit card between my reception rollers,
reveal your flexible credit card to me,
your red, growing and engorged debt to me,
and I will let you withdraw riches...........
plunder me to the full extent
of your deposit and credit limit,
handle me until I bleep for you to withdraw, 
unless or until my Masters' call
a halt to our games,
and insist that finance is all about propriety,
and stifle your lust with demands upon
your property,
and curb your excesses
by calling  me in,
your once willing lover
to say NO,
my mistress now is austerity,
no longer a whore to abundant fiscal growth
no more to groan under your insistent demands.
You thought you were gaining more from me,
when all along
my pimps are conjuring riches
from your indebted embraces.   

Jonathan Eyre                   January 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Growth Economy - a WW1 Mentality.................

for the BBC, hey any national media outlet, a good summary of the impact of climate change, extreme weather effects and events, and the way of 'things to come'

......meanwhile Politicians continue to frog-march and recruit us towards the same 'growth economy at all costs' trench warfare, as out of touch with the reality and consequences of their actions, based on a world picture that is as misguided and death loaded as were the visions of Politicians and the 1st World War army commanders back in 1914

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Gormless Environment Minister and his empty ideology....

'To accept that ancient woodland can be offset with new planting is to believe that ancient woodland is just a collection of old trees. Such thinking allows us to demolish St Paul’s Cathedral to be offset with a similarly sized pile of new bricks, or to replace our loved one with a random person of similar build who will sit at the other end of the sofa and have sex with us every third Friday.'

so I posted on owen's blog
'So well said. YES! Thank you for such a brilliant blog. I keep telling all who will listen that for every mile of the HS2 a SSSI is to be destroyed (because they are economically worthless and the cheapest land to build on for ‘public’ infrastructure), and they all look gormless too, so now I can explain. thanks to your wonderful paragraph above. Thank you so much!'

Read more below from this excellent blog.....