Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mindfullness; a breath away

Here are two poems to go, on the road to somewhere, a road the verbal mind can not co-join me on. We are soo often mislead by the ‘helpful’ and attention-seeking overactive internal stream of verbal comment.

Born from a need to be recognised and the belief in its own uniqueness, the verbal mind continues to try and please, like a servile dog; only too often placed as the top dog in our psyche, and, un-like the wizard of Oz, well hidden behind its shadowy curtain.

Mediation will always improve how you do things, will always improve a situation, will reward you, not in things, not in conquests, but in openness. Lies give people power over one another, so Politicians by their very nature will lead through lies. They seek that power. And like them, internally, we have given, taken and swallowed many lies to ourselves.

Dropping the way and game of words, we can start to see those lies, feel them out, and turn to an understanding of where words should stand in our lives, and create more space for actions, and non-action and inner worth, the quiet giants in us all, that are the real elephants in our internal worlds. Turn to them and welcome their wisdom in.


Are you a mind half-empty
Or a mind half-full
Type of person?
The breath-in confirms life
The breath-out,
The expiring breath,
Fore-echo’s our final terminal passing,
A time on our own that we all
Will share.
And watching the out-breath,
Inspired by breathing
Awareness and awe
Conjure up relaxation,
Which flows through the body,
But can disappear
If I follow the mind flick
From this to that thought,
And engage with this talk.

Watching the chests rise and fall,
Relaxation deepens
And travels down
To where my feet sense the ground
And the history and pull of the earth below.
If we recognise the gentle love
That flows on the breath
Then our hearts can fly,
And our thoughts be stilled,
And we can become a mind
More empty than full.

Ink Well Meditation

Stream babble of thought,
Backwash of sounds
Spoken in a Language that no longer means anything to me.
Passing chatter of a crowd
Coming through and past me
Like shoppers through a store.
Whispers of Boredom
And tuneless La La la-ing
Letting me know
That I am thinking
But it is as permanent as clothes on a clothesline
Blown by the untamed winds
Coming from all life’s quarters.
Can I recognise; an Angel’s kiss
Placed on my eyes?
A light from another’s Spirit?
Giving me a Timeless moment
So easily Squandered.
A white feather from a Soul messenger
Wishing a Friend good-luck on their Journey.
A hug of Love and reassurance,
A breath of gentleness,
A Heart-full moment,
Deep breathed and Immortal
Grounded thought our Earth’s shared orbit.
Stream babble of thoughts
Welcomed as a sign;
The end of Winter’s frozen healing
And the start of a river’s new Journey.
This breath I feel now,
This out-breath I feel right now
Will it be the same feeling, same experience,
As the one that will,
Along with all of you
All humankind,
A shared moment felt on ones own,
Will it be the same last welcomed breath
That will not be followed by another in-spiration?

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