Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The certainty of life is not Death and Taxes

A bit deep this, but as one becomes more aware of the bottomless nature of desire and the lure of amusement and self picturing oneself into imagined situations or associated desires, of the fear of not doing and its tangible affect upon ones emotions and self image, then life is not all about death and taxes........it is about life, celebration and love...

And the opposites in life, that provide us with out ups and downs, or right and wrongs, define edges and ranges between, are everywhere true but not the whole picture, and like Junior Murvin's Police and Thieves (see video below), show that in this physical state we live in, opposites are needed, reflect what is out-there, but do not touch the reality on another level, that opposites together become one, without each other, they could not exist.

The certainty of life is not Death and Taxes

Two certainties in life,
Death and Society.
Taxing our bodies with their bills and invoices
Painting the pictures of self and other indelibly by
Filling the forming patterns and patting down the casting sand’s impression.

Two certainties in life,
Ying and yang.
That both sides only exist in opposition
And in this physical trap and with Time’s unravelling they
Hold up our conscious world to what primitive focus we can have.

Two certainties in life,
Me and you.
Oneself and the other really united not separate
Provoking the boundaries of our worlds with this riddle’s unravelling
Perceived with the gaps that lie between speech, thought and words.

Two certainties of life,
Flow and stillness.
Like water in a river’s stopper-wave or ripple
Forever a moving current with the illusion of non-movement to go
Beyond cognition and provoking our awareness of self and being.

The rub for me,
The difference between
Visioning and demanding.
Allowing something special-different to happen in my life
Which is at the same time everyday ordinary; experienced in the full-present and un-demanded.

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  1. Well, in a sense, neither death nor society exist any more than God exists. They are abstracts. Only dead and live bodies exist...

    Oh, I'm so pedantic !


    Seen from another point of view, the only thing that exists is death - for life is all illusion. This is my mature view at 70 (at which age life - or rather, new illusory experience - begins).