Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fuk U Shima Nuclear Plant Disaster - Re-critical....really it's critical

the Tokyo Electric Power Company has warned: "The possibility of re-criticality is not zero"? This means the company says that there is enough fissile uranium, in enough density, to form a critical mass in the cooling pond - meaning that a nuclear fission reaction could start in the building, .........outside the containment shield that surrounds the actual reactor.'

Surprise 'critical' warning raises nuclear fears

I don't like this at all.....this may be the biggest single nuclear contamination incident ever, if the camp-fire of fusion rods, now lit in a concrete open pit beneath an open sky, do melt down and burst into flame........its going to project itself into the atmosphere.......... and the plume will contain actual particles of uranium and plutonium..... Planet go heal thy self?

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