Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mr Ed, is he a talking horse with no sense; Poem on disability follows

Just seen Mr Ed's [Miliband] apology of an answer to a person with a disability's question; and this came to me

An Assertive Poem on Disability 
(Note, everyday I meet people who are kind and generous;
This is to all the others, to the powerful, who should know better, but don't!)

I have lost my ability to comply
With the keep-fit fascist medical approach to disability.
It's as if I have broken the unwritten rule,
Now the smoke screen of 'being seen to be brave' has blown away,
And have had to even change my doctor on account of this ignorance.
I refuse to be a victim as my
Human Rights evaporated in the 'healthy' ones gaze of ignorance.

My invisible hidden disability has cast me into the role of lazy,
Non-trying, undeserving, politically untouchable.
Yet everyday is a challenge that I have to overcome,
With a strength and determination unrecognised un-comprehended.
It's unseen to the everyday eye,
Invisible to those who place themselves in the hanging judge's wig, and gown and raised prejudice.

There are so many who instantly decide my fitness for any Rights,
And by their mere fitness and human blindness
They unknowingly, smugly, emotionally, vindictively mentally condemn.
They are the sick who need their illness curing.
They are the ones who's humanity has festered.
They are the oppressors who can not see
That they are actively, righteously, placing 'us' all
In the shadow of their broken, un-healing souls.

Write to Mr Ed

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