Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another writing challenge - Sisterhood

A friend on Facebook suggested a writing challenge whilst I was away, and a good few of her friends have taken this up. It was such an interesting exercise in writing and looking at my own perception of women and sisterhood, that I had to give it a go, so in 24 hours, here is the poem what I wrote; thank you Pam and Bobbi. The Theme is Sisterhood.

Not so sure I like it yet, but it goes some way into a subject that perhaps on my own, I would not have ventured! Hope it works.......

Sisterhood: from a man’s perspective

They argue over things I sometimes see as unimportant
They talk about things I often cannot see
They share knowledge over things I am often not party too,
But they are deeply important to me.

They share things that are important to them
They care about things that are important to them
They go to the core of things that are important to them
When together, their world is greater than mine.

When together they can move each other to tears and laughter
When together they can act with deep strength and conviction
When together they can act for the good of the community
They make me so proud to be human.

When at odds with me they drive home my failings
When at odds with me they cut away my logic
When at odds with each other disharmony shakes
Like deep earthquakes, the ground under our feet rives.

Sisterhood grows with the dawning of soul light
Sisterhood is hewn from the rock of generations of suffering
Sisterhood blossoms when women are given their rights
And I welcome their strength to sharpen and guide mine.

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