Friday, 6 March 2015

Moving off into the new year at last!

my latest finished poem, completed at Blank Page Industries writing space.

Freedom Walks
I take mobility scooters off path
hear the tyres tread over
woodland forest litter
the rustle of leaves stirred
with the hum
of torque from the
electric freedom generator
wheels squelch
breaking the hold
of grass obscured mud
ridged tyre tracks
across the backs of parkland
falsely portray my journey as regimented,
really this steed tilts my expectations
to the skies and beyond
as I scramble over
humps and dips of off-pitched country
feel the clip and clunk
under the frame
of rock and stone
breeching the Earth's surface.
I take mobility scooters off road,
off pavement,
off path
off centre,
Jonathan Eyre Feb 2015.

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