Monday, 16 March 2015

Do you STOP soon enough?

Sally has a great blog and is a very fine blogger, and this question , also posted on an M.E. Community Facebook page triggered the following poem
Thank you Sally.

With glass walls and ceilings all around

with glass walls and ceilings all around,
easy to shatter, wafer thin
often within reach but unseen,
to find, the shadow of 'soon enough',
is difficult with the mirages of doing,
boredom and necessity
rising above the horizon,
pulling up the next set of targets
to be examined and rejected as
'too much',
'too soon',
'that will be fine',
with this heady mixture
and underground currents
ready to tear at my legs
to pluck my thoughts away,
pulling the words from my throat
to cover them up in sand,
my feet cannot always find the firm ground,
touch the bottom of the pool,
I cannot always make sure
that I will not
drown tomorrow
through the actions
of today.
Do I maintain the count
of the steps I took today
compare them to yesterday, last week
or trust in how my body feels,
gauge its creaks as a miner
listening to the protests of pit-props?
Often I am drowning deep down,
I either swim
or die of thirst.
                                           Jonathan Eyre - March 16th 2015

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