Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The continued attack from the Daily Mail

Sonia Poulton  commented
'God there is already horrible comments on the Daily Mail article about M.E. Why do people hate ME sufferers so much'

they do hate people with M.E.
We look normal,
they conclude it's all physiological,
demand we pull ourselves together,
look at the paralympians!
expect we enjoy the status of being ill.
They privatising their own thoughts and views
buying the rhetoric of resentment
paying for it by selling their eyes to tabloid self-justification.
It costs them their humanity,
it costs them their intelligence
logically they spiralling inward
in shallow earth scraped circles of infertile dust
and we loose a means to live,
We loose respect,
we loose all the years of living,
we loose all the national insurance we paid,
we loose a body and mind
that were once bright stared and functioning
blown away in the dust storm that ended our old lives
and heaped into dried-up memory piles
stifling the doorways and windows of our old worlds,
blocking the old, once open, pathways.
but we gain insight and open eyes
to the callous bigotry
to the discrimination and embittered emotions
that the disabled have heaped upon them
by the readers of this acid poison,
the new believers, the converts
who subtly enjoy the lie
that the deserving will be all-right,
only the 'others' who are not justified,
who the country can not afford,
will be punished, serves them right!
and we see through
the politicians leading sardonic fixed grin
and editors nose for hate stirring,
because our affliction
has steered us away from those resentful kernels
of the darkening mean minds and shirking hearts,
and guided us to look towards
to listen to,
our bright shining hearts.

Think on, oh tabloid people, think, on't.

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