Sunday, 2 September 2012

Facebook and consumer dreams
posted on Facebook today
Very worrying....according to YouGov poll, Labour lead is down to 6%. Not good. You have to be perceived as seriously shite not to be blowing these current a-holes out of the water...It's mid-term...current parties are notoriously unpopular and yet Labour seems to be in need of something dynamic to make the change...looking forward to Ed's response to my last letter, he's back in the office this week and as anyone who knows me knows, I don't go away that easily...really desperate for Labour to stand up STRONG on all issues true to the original party...

And I wrote....

The strength of feeling in the Public that the cuts 'are necessary', that the reality of a broken economy means we can not afford generosity or equality of treatment, that this psyche and myth of austerity in peoples minds  is the true situation; that suffering is what we should now expect and "stop complaining", that huge numbers of scroungers and 'work-shy' and 'illegals'  are everywhere and are causing this, that they deserve nothing, and this media frenzy seems to engender a societal feeling, an emotional response in people, that needs to look away from the logic, like an undercurrent of a desperate 'need for a powerful leader' and a growth economy lead from 'business leaders' and representatives of the rich and their ilk. This  seems to be a strange, but real, psyche event in political discussion and conciousness right now, certainly in all the media and newsprint worlds and the media political debates.

Is this something that political alternatives to the rule of the Capitalist myth building can build a challenge to, blow away the smoke and reveal the mirrors that give emotional feeling and connectivity to the ownership of products, a certain car, or a beauty product, mobile phone, a pair of jeans, a handbag, a computer device, or even just the envisioning of a dream of ownership or reaching a 'purchase life style', of buying a new dream, a quality or quantity of 'perceived existence' no matter how short it may, in reality, be?

Can an opposition Party work through this, start the political discussion needed enough people care about others, can people break the loop arguments and justification of the present situation as 'they' see it, that they are continually personally investing in the objects and objectives of garnished corporate consumptions manipulated desire? football, sport, Celebrity and our own social desire to dream a little affluence, the opium that the majority will not give up, holding on to dreams spun for profit rather than dreams spun of human spirit and need................... this a trite rant?!  In the old soviet union, and in fascist philosophy, perhaps I would be removed for such view of politics. Are my views today to be ignored instead or am I now a drama queen!

Today, am I right to be concerned that nowhere do I see this myth breaking and dream waking clearly put in any  media covered news programmes or political debates.

Tomorrow when I read this I might start laughing, or feel embarrassed. Tonight this seems to be coming from my core.....


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