Monday, 23 April 2012

Night and Day Robbery

I wrote this when I saw a post on the M.E. Chat Room  Facebook page about feeling hung-over for no justification, and it so linked into what's happening with me I 'liked it' and wrote this straight away - thanks M. Burton. 

Night and Day Robbery

hang-over mornings
and no alcohol or drugs taken;
so typical of this disease that
robs us even of the joy of solo or social settings of stimulant misuse.
Stolen moments replaced with the hours of down sides alone.
Another morning 'sobering up' to M.E.s painful partnership.

And for those who want more, see this from Mark Cunningham's post further down the M.E,Chat Room wall..... 

You Know You Have CFS/M.E. when . . .
you are cautioned to slow down by your doctor instead of by the police.
you have a choice of two temptations and choosing the one that will get you home earlier.
 you realize that caution is the only thing you care to exercise.
 you Don't worry about avoiding temptation. With CFS, it will avoid you.
 getting lucky means you found your car in the parking lot.
 you're sitting in a rocker and you can't get it started.
 you don't care where your wife goes, just so you don't have to go along.
 when you wake up with that morning-after feeling, and you didn't do anything the night before.
 your Doctor says: "I have good news and bad news -- the good news is that you are not a hypochondriac."
 you know how to spell gastroenterologist, chiropractor, etc.
 you go to make toast and nothing happens. You've plugged in the can opener.
 you say to your wife, "Good morning, Mary"...and her name is Sharon.
 you have to sit down to brush your teeth in the morning.
 when you become exhausted from the effort to blow out the candles on your birthday cake.
 when you forget your twin sister's birthday.
 you realize that you just sprayed spot remover under your arms instead of deodorant.
 you put both contact lenses in the same eye.
 you realize the marriage vows you took about sickness and health meant HIS sickness not YOURS.
 you have to take a nap because chewing your dinner wore you out.
 you have trouble adding single digit numbers.
 you get up to change the TV channel and decide as long as you're up, you might as well go to bed.
 one of the throw pillows on your bed is a hot-water bottle.
 everything that works hurts, and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.
 you reach the toilet, but forgot what you wanted to do.
 you can't finish a conversation, because you don't remember what you were talking about.
 you have CFS when your top three favorite pastimes involve sleep.
 you have to get rid of your dog; he kept trying to drag you to the yard to bury you.
 Medicare states that you're too sick for their coverage.
 everyone is happy to give you a ride because they don't want you behind the wheel.
 a passing funeral procession pauses to see if you need a lift.
 people are constantly putting a mirror under your nose while you nap to see if you're breathing.
 you know "where it's at", but forgot why it's there.
 at 25, your colleagues that are 15+ years your senior and have kids, manage to do more on the weekends than you.
you get the vacuum out because, by golly, today's the day your going to DO SOMETHING, and then you have to lay down and get hubby to put the stupid thing away. Unused.
you don't have to buy books anymore. You simply re-read the books you have because you can't remember what you've already read.
it's hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything.
you wear out your pajamas before you do your pantyhose.
you can't remember your children's names. Or your own.
you can crash your computer just by touching it.
you don't call people back because you're not sure they called.
you put the coffee pot in the microwave and your cold coffee cup into the coffee maker.
you call your kids by your pets' names and your pets by your kids' names.
you can't remember any of the funny stupid things you do when you sit down to write them.
you boil the kettle dry three times to get one cup of tea.
you read a note you wrote to yourself to pay a bill, and you wonder who the heck is Bill.
you call the school twice, to let them know your child is at home sick.
you can't disconnect the dishwasher from the kitchen tap, because you didn't turn the water off first to release the pressure.
you read 100 e-mails from your online support group, then realize you're in the trash folder.
you feed the dog twice, because she has learned how to trick you into thinking you forgot.
...................................................................................I have done all of the above.

Me too, Mark, not far off my score!

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