Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Number 6 has left the Village.

Number 6 has left the Village.

......... a moment of quietness comes just before the patrol bubble hops into view to take away the dream of escape, and the open view across the sand and towards the clear horizon is now spoilt by the intrusion of this ultimate symbol of society's control of the individual,

Perhaps we all seek to lose the identity we are given minute by minute by our own internal dialogue, and hour by hour by our friends, work colleagues and the endless string of images from the TV, press, radio and the interweb. No 6 only had the village radio, a few fellow citizens, public meetings at the village hall, and the frequent meetings with the ever changing No 2.

Mental fitness has a State stamp of approval nowadays, like the physical fitness that is a requirement apparently to enter the upper hierarchy of moneyed life style for the business executives...

So some sort of mental and emotional attribute is something we all should encourage to face the tough years of a bottom grinding economy, but really we need mental strength to be realistic enough to know that we are all bozos on this bus. That we all give a meaning to one another, and that it is not always a pleasant and attractive face looking back at us from the mirror in the morning.

We need an appropriate attitude in the breakdown of the spoon fed, hyper re-enforcing world that is shaking to its boots.

What do you want?
You're not going to get it!

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