Thursday, 25 December 2008

Each breath that you take

It really is this close. Yes this close. A hairbreadth. A relaxing breath away. Taking the first step towards reducing the harm you and your family and friends are doing to the planet, to other people, to the future of our children, is not a physical or financial burden. It is simply accepting that the resources of the planet are not infinite. That's it! We can see the planet from space, and it don't go on forever.

We do not live forever; the planet's resources are finite. We have to get all our energy and materials within the planet’s budget, which is lovingly, toped up each day by the Sun. The only issue is one that the majority of people in the world are familiar with. We are overdrawn on our credit, well in debt, and we can’t keep up the payments. Somethings have got to change, and make the first things the easy ones.

That's it. Take a deep breath, and breath out. Forget for a moment your everyday worries, and just remember; the world is in environmental debt. Yup, no spare change in the bank. Take one day at a time and welcome to the world of Sustainability. Welcome to the Global Village where this debt can be cleared once and for all. Its just a matter of understanding, and the issues and changes needed are really very simple to understand.

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