Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Times?- they are changed

latest poem a week offering to the relentless stream-babble of the decent of humankind down the easier path-of-less-resistance decision making that we seem to collectively roll out since about 1980...is it Wham!'s fault, did they not wake us up before they go go ed....

#9 Everything is changed

Totally right on man and power to the people
Keep the planet turning and save the whales ‘cos they are more important than a Star Trek movie
Give flowers to the National Guard, stick one down a barrel

Turn on, tune in, drop OUT, and never get off the bus
The conscious mind is a rapid fire linguistic onion that brings tears to the children of tomorrow
You and Me and We are the Egg Men, ‘cos the torture never stops

When a Happening happens you just do what you do man see those colours on the wall, cool
Hang on to this bong for me I have to go for a slash
And why don’t those chicks give out more now they are on the Pill -giggle giggle giggle

Are you going to Scarborough Fair on Height Ashbury
Isle of White tip toeing through the tulips of the Squares’ up-tight minds
Jimmy Hendrix died chocked on the sick of a rebellious stomach

Don’t know and never go eat that yellow snow where the meerkats go
Cos I’ve got the stink foot baby, wona cry all over you
The Isle of Kintyre and the frog song took the wings off the plane and ended it all

Landing on the moon was the start of the end of human kind
The overdue bill for growth and the debt economy is no foundation to build blue sky dreams on
Flying pigs fracking shale rock for their last buck and loose-change saloon bundle

Another thing to avoid, poison in the water, the air has less air in it now
Daytime tv adverts of dying children blemished with the sanctity of deep voice monthly sincerity
Keep sane, turn the human senses to standby, show only a small blue l.e.d energy killing

In bright light the warning lights cannot be seen
Mama and Papa left here on a jet plane knowing that we cannot go back again and left us
This is the City we half dreamed of, sky scrapers and everything for a dollar

Oh baby dissolving and changing in the dawn clouds of drought and flood and ice vortexes
Oh lover gone in a swirl of patchouli and long flowing dresses shimmering on hips of sunshine
Oh mama can’t cook no meal for you no more

Oh baby, spirit gone and walked out on me, climate changed
Stars blinked and coughed blinded by energy-saving street prison lighting, laughing above our hearing
Water is simmering to the boil and the frogs are dreaming of the times of tadpoles.

Frank Zappa - Peak a Boo

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