Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A review of me from Monday Night (30/9/13)

Awh, Thank you.

'Jonathan Eyre brings his poetry to life with a performance style that speaks of the theater; every word spoken just so to leave the perfect imprint on the listeners mind. His poem about ME I heard for the second time tonight, and if anything it only moved me more upon repetition.'

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More on M.E. - for those that would like to share
Jonathan says: "Having written for all my life, I have found that poems do sometimes work, not just as an expression of one's own position and frustrations, but as a link to others, giving a hint of what M.E. does to the individual, the abilities it affects, and the day to day reality of living with the repercussions. To this end I would like to submit to you three poems, reflecting some stages of trying to deal with M.E., and to try and get a few wins and some sort of life back."

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