Monday, 12 November 2012

war memorial

on hearing of excrement found on a war memorial.

Bizarre story on local news about a war memorial in a South Yorkshire village where "an excrement" was "left" on a war memorial. The police are investigating and said that although it appears to be human excrement and describe "the act" as "abhorrent" they don't believe it to be "malicious". A local councillor then came on and said he doesn't know if someone was trying to make a "cheap point" or whether it was a "medical condition" but added "this is the sort of thing we should be flogging people for".

I always though war was shit,
do memorials recall the lost?
bound in their stone,
for the named dead,
unmarked whispers,
for the civilians,
adults and children,
babies un-born.
but oh the mortar,
made from sharp patriotic sand,
a cast of war crime denial,
honest and fearful sweat,
tears of the Grieving,
binds fighting passions,
opposing arguments on serving one's nation,
tumbled into one burning mix,
a soft under belly,
death claw,
hides behind the stone faces of acceptance,
binding them

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