Thursday, 17 May 2012

It is because we are disabled!

This is a response from the article 

Disability and the Return of Blame Culture

'It’s no longer enough to be disabled. One must, in modern Britain, be a type. Are you the real type? The genuine that is, the sort that sits there quietly and is grateful for any hand-out they receive. Showing a bit too much life, there? Then you’re a faker, dear, undoubtedly a scrounger – and that objecting attitude means you’re a manipulative threat. It’s not enough to be disabled in these days of cuts and exclusion. There’s a right way to be lame and a wrong way, and if you spot someone doing it wrong it’s your duty as an able-bodied to let someone know.'

I realise this photo is blurred, 
but amazingly this is the view that the able bodied - the yet to be disabled - have of those with disabilities.
Disabled people are seen through blurred and pixelated false views.
Direct action by disabled people is never covered in the press in the same big up as a charity walk to the north pole with a it. Princes' even get awards for this............and the reward for the disabled, chronically sick and their families?, less support, poverty, removal of independence, lives broken , removal of support to work, our human rights flushed down the toilets that is the Political machines scape-goating by the sick souls of the powerful.

The true stories of the real and actual direct mass attack on the disabled, chronically sick and vulnerable by Government and their agents of callous disregard, THESE stories are passed over, ignored; it can not be true; you can not be serious!
Look at these pictures of the disabled again, see the distortions,  look for the real picture......

It is because we are disabled!

So hard working disabled activists
are not praised by the Government
like they espouse over hard working families?!
Is it because we is disabled, 
and only Goody Goody Charities should represent us?
These politicians and self proclaimed commentators 
spouting talk for 'the common good' 
and what Society can afford through distorted facts and pointed abuse,
are so two-faced, callous, ignorant and discriminating,
pushing the deceit button to fan the mean-hatred and scared part
of your mind-broken psyche
to break your trust and by pass your humanity, your heart. 

I am chronically sick
with invisible impairments 
(not a hope of qualifying for support
under the new 'Citizenship and Joy Through Hard Work' 
cancerous state assessment and flaunted media philosophies), 
and yet I am happy a lot of the time, and even show it..............
and I find that this emotion of happiness is not approved of 
as I am not raising money, 
receiving a cheque from a Charity, 
or competing in an endurance or sporting event; 
The looks I get is that I should be suffering if I am disabled, 
not making the best of my life, my friends and life and myself!
If I am happy, does that make me 'fit for work', 
not in need of support or disability entitlements, 
reasonable adjustments, 
a Scrounger? 
This would seem to be the way things are going
with all the anti-disability rhetoric and discrimination in the media and politics. 
Who will represent us?; 
only our hard grind 
get-through-life-despite-our-impairments determined selves, 
winning over our own impairments and the added 
growing weight
of this Societies continual drip drip 
now pouring verbal and actual targeted and concerted vile discrimination. 
It is because we are disabled?

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