Thursday, 26 January 2012

The wind up from the Right wing; it's not funny, it's not clever, and it is discrimination

is it cos I am yes!. Any minute now I will hear that some of Rod Liddle's and James Delingpole's
best friends are disabled.

It is apparently only really fine to be disabled as long as you can play basket ball in a wheel chair or walk to the North pole with amputated limbs...oh, and raise money for charity in the effort, or win Gold, and make sure you keep smiling at the cameras..........all the rest are for the Transport to the virtual ghettos of callousness and aimed and dehumanising bias bureaucracy and fair game for stoning in the street - that is how it feels right now in the UK, and I understand Europe too....the attacks in the media are akin to homophobia and racism no doubt..........

I will now shop both Rod Liddle and James Delingpole to the authorities and general public at large; they are both FAKE journalists, which we all know is incredibly fashionable and just a made up job


  1. (I have linked from my dissident blog to this post).

    Just a pedantic observation: a cleaver is something you chop meat and other people up with. I think you meant to write 'clever'.

    Yours, One Who Has Never Been Employed and Now enjoys Pension Credit - the largest income I have ever received.

    1. Thanks for the copy correction work Auban, always welcomed from a dyslexic like I.
      Thanks for the link to your blog, I will see if I can set up one from mine to your shortly.
      My best friend too was on invalidity payments and made so poor. They even cocked up his council tax payments and He was taken to court for non payment... and his income too is now the highest payments he has ever received since he got to pension it just by surviving through to 60, don't think they expected him to do that!