Friday, 19 November 2010

banking fraud and political carpet baggers - debt crisis #3

A quick poem on the latest political smoke and the statements of powerful leaders and their cohorts.
A little ruff, but a quick response to some jaw droopingly callous political gaffs today and the responses that came on Facebook.

Life of Riley
Originally the name of a cow that roamed uncontrolled, that nobody would lay claim too, eating and ruining other peoples harvest, smashing their fences and robbing them of their hard graft and contentedly living happily on their labour, which then became a phrase associated with the officer class or anyone who escaped or was away from the frontline whilst drinking and flashing their cash. Also associated with a clan that produced their own money, and lived well on the cash they created

The Life of Riley
I think the political elite are leading a life of Riley,
The drug they are all on is power,
And the depth of their empathy is as deep
As the silvering on the mirrors they check their faces
And smug smiles with in the morning.

The mirror is cracked and their smiles crooked,
the promises made to be broken.
The drug power, one you have to be rich to buy,
they make sure they do not share,
but cut their politics with scapegoat rhetoric.

And they wonder if their conceitedness looks too big
And ask their media meisters if they can fit in
Some care and compassionate time on the media roundabout
Whilst playing the money making game with finances debt profit taking
Whilst the three debts continue their advance.

Finance, environment and energy,
These debts will take no hostages, of this I am sure.
The rich will fare better, and fairness will go to the wall,
As they make merry with the fruits of our harvest,
And contently cud-full wander and trample on the poor.

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